Are you a teacher who is ready to figure out your future?

The Teacher Transition Membership is for you.

Hi, I'm Ali! The team and I help teachers like you find their next dream job!

We've been where you are in the classroom and we know how to get to where you want to be next.

I know what it's like to be in the classroom and wanting something more. I know how challenging it can be to identify what you want to do next and to land great opportunities to do that - while also managing your teacher workload. But guess what, I also know how to make that happen! Having done it myself and having helped other teachers do it, the Teacher Transition Team and I are here to walk you step-by-step from the classroom to your next dream job together.
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Ali Parrish


Are you where I was?

If you're anything like me, after a handful of years in the classroom, you're ready for growth through new opportunities. (And that's a good thing!)

  • Wanting to work beyond the walls of your classroom?

  • Feeling like your opportunities are limited to teaching?

  • Craving growth through new opportunities?

  • Wondering how you can do more of the work you're most passionate about?

  • Having an "idea" of what you "might" want to do next but not really sure?

  • Feeling like you're trying to navigate all of this alone?

  • Not sure where to even start?

I had all of these concerns and more the last 2 YEARS I taught.

Now that I've worked for a variety of companies and run my own companies, I know the truth.

The truth is:

#1 Teachers have INCREDIBLE skills that companies WANT . #2 Teachers are oftentimes UNAWARE of the skills they have and how marketable they are #3 Working beyond the classroom can be REWARDING and MEANINGFUL in so many ways!

Course workbook

Let's find and land your next dream job together!

Exclusively for transitioning teachers

As a teacher, you do so many things, not just "teaching". The problem isn't that you don't have employable skills, it's that you need to match the skills you already have with real work opportunities. 

What if you could say goodbye to the aspects of teaching that don't interest you... like behavior management, grading, testing, duties, and focus on the skills you enjoy most!

What if you didn't have to start from scratch and DIY your resume, cover letter, and the other career transition tools you need?  

What if you were provided with successful career transition tools like Teacher Transition optimized resume templates, cover letter templates, even letter of resignation templates, and so much more?

The reality is that companies want people with skills like yours. 

Let's get you from where you are to where you want to be and let's do it together!

Teacher Testimonials

Here's what teachers are saying!

I have a job out of teaching!

by Angi B.

The resources inside the membership helped me tremendously with my job search, resume, and mindset. Ali is sooo super sweet and supportive. She genuinely cares about helping transitioning teachers. The other teachers in the membership are very helpful as well. I have a job out of teaching! Big plus – I get to work REMOTELY from home. My salary is way higher than when I was teaching too. My boss and our entire team is so super nice. Use the resources and courses being offered with Ali. I can’t even stress enough how helpful they have been!

I landed a job with them!


Thanks so much for the companies you recommended! I reached out to one and landed a job with them! I'm loving it! Thanks!!​

It gave me the courage and direction I needed.

Bethany C.

Thank you so much for your help with the switch from teaching to another field. I'm incredibly grateful that you would sacrifice time out of an insanely busy life and help a stranger. Thanks for graciously sharing your experience. It gave me the courage and direction I needed. It was a tender mercy to see another teacher who was led down a different path. With much gratitude, Bethany.

Introducing... the Teacher Transition Membership

Helping you transition comfortably and confidently to the future opportunities you want.

The Teacher Transition Membership will help you clarify your career path and develop new work opportunities. You can use your incredible skills and years of work experience beyond the walls of your classroom.

It is perfect for current teachers, former teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators. Bring your questions, concerns, hopes, strengths, interests and needs, and let’s create the future you want!

Through the membership you will...

  • Gain clarity about the path that is right for you personally

  • Have confidence in your path going forward

  • Ensure your needs and wants will be met in your personalized career path plan

  • Eliminate teacher-guilt and burnout

  • No longer feel like you're trying to do this alone

  • Develop a clear picture of the work you want to do next

  • Get needed connections for the future opportunities you want

  • Gain networking skills and interviewing skills

  • Access ready-to-roll resumes and cover letters from our Teacher Transition templates


It's not just about getting a "different" job. It's about getting your "dream" job and creating a future you love.

Let's identify and land your next dream job together.

You don't have to do this alone.

Need help determining if you should stay in the classroom or do something else? Let's talk through it. Need help deciding what you "could" do next and would really enjoy? Use the on-demand resources and come hop on a call. Need help deciding when and how to take your next steps? The team and I are here for you and can help with that. Need suggestions of what to do next, connections to companies, feedback on your resume and cover letter, suggestions of where to apply or anything else? Use the on-demand resources and come hop on a Q&A Coaching Call so we can get you the personalized support you need.

Get Personalized Help

Our Coaches are here to get you the help you want.

  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Personalized support for your personal career transition questions
  • Coaching,  feedback, and practice on the topics you need help with: your resume, LinkedIn profile, interviewing, and more

Expedite your progress as you hear the questions other transitioning teachers ask, see the career paths they are paving, and make personal connections that will open doors for your future.  

Your dream job

Where do you want to be in 6 months from now? Let's find out and get you there together.

Get support, on-demand resources and MORE!

So much more than simply an online course!

  • Career Coaching and Support

    Jump on a live Q&A session to get career coaching, ask your questions, and get personalized feedback.

  • Timely Training and Workshops

    Each month you will receive support related directly to members' current needs.

  • Let Us Find Your Job For You!

    Tell us the kind of job you're looking for and our team does the legwork to find those job opportunities for you!

  • On-demand Resources

    Time your transition at your own pace with online lessons, video instruction, written instruction, and more!

  • Research-based Quizzes

    This is where you will find research-based quizzes to help you identify the kind of work you would love doing next.

  • Personal Packet Workbook

    Complete these activities to identify the kind of work you would love to do next and find actual opportunities to do that work!

  • Ready with a Resume Template

    I've created your resume for you! It translates your teacher experience into lingo used at companies and can be downloaded and easily customized.

  • Convert Your Cover Letter Template

    I've created your cover letter for you too. It catches the hiring manager's attention and sets you up for success! Simply download and customize.

  • Optional: One-on-one Coaching

    Need more personalized support? We have options in the membership for one-on-one support!

  • Private Podcast

    Don't have time to log in and learn? We get it. Hear coaching calls with the questions from transitioning teachers and coaching from our coaches so you can learn through everyone's current experiences on the go!

  • Now Hiring Educators: Contact List

    Tell us the kind of job you're looking for and our team does the legwork to find those job opportunities for you!

  • Close Connections: Private Member-Only Community

    More than just a course, you'll be connected in our private group to get encouragement, support, and assistance all along the way!

Watch Intro Video


Through this membership you will...


  • Use resources to identify the WORK ROLES YOU WANT MOST!

  • Use INTERACTIVE TOOLS to clearly identify YOUR NEEDS related to work (This helps ensure you'll love your next job!)

  • Find REAL OPPORTUNITIES to do the kind of work you LOVE for your next job!

  • Have a personal MENTOR - so you can land the job you want!

  • Know the kinds of QUESTIONS that are asked in INTERVIEWS and WHAT MOST TEACHERS DO WRONG in interviews!

  • Know how much different jobs PAY, even in different areas!

  • Find JOB OPENINGS with the best tools and resources out there - so you can apply to those you want!

  • Customize your RESUME and COVER LETTER with provided templates - so you'll be ready to apply!

Open your future opportunities SOONER rather than later!

There are THOUSANDS of current job openings for people with the skills that teachers have! Let's identify what you WANT to do next and MOVE FORWARD on your personal work-life path together!

Save yourself from

the consequences teachers face when they try to do this all alone.

  • Always wondering "What else 'could' I do?" And not realizing your full potential

    You have skills, interests, and abilities that no one else has. You have gifts and talents that the world needs. Let's find the opportunities that align with your passions and hopes to create the future you want!

  • Limited Opportunities

    Who has more opportunities? The person who tries to do it all on their own or the one who uses the best resources out there? If you could just see the hundreds of opportunities and companies in the course. If you just knew the simple resume tweaks you'll learn about resumes. These things and more will open more doors for you!

  • Teaching "another" year

    Are you going to take another year to identify which skills you have that are marketable? How long will it then take to then identify companies, create an effective resume, and cover letter, and then learn how to network and interview effectively? Why not get it done in a week instead of a year through this course?


  • What if I'm not ready to get a different job?

    The saying goes, "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago." Similarly, the best time to prepare for what you want in the future is now. This course will help you be prepared while you're still in a "good place" and will help you be confident and fully prepared to take that next step and apply effectively when that time comes!

  • What if I lack confidence in my ability to do this?

    This is one of the best reasons to sign up! Transition from the classroom to what you want to do next is challenging enough. You don't have to do this alone and this course is here to help with exactly that! Our private course member-only group and I will be here to encourage and help you all along the way! You're not doing this alone!

  • How can I know you're qualified to teach this?

    I'm glad you asked! Since going beyond teaching, I've been a trainer, educational consultant, instructional designer, taught at the university level, a learning strategist, project manager, course creator, created two successful companies, and more. In each of these roles, I've seen how educators' strengths play out and are needed. I've also seen how they can apply and land opportunities more successfully by using certain strategies and resources. Those best practices, strategies and resources are what I've included in these resources to help you find and land your next dream job! I'm also smart enough to know not to do this on my own so be ready to learn from and connect with other excellent mentors through this as well.

  • If I’m not a teacher will I still benefit from this?

    Absolutely! Are you a school counselor, administrator, librarian, secretary, or instructional coach looking to transition your career? The context of scenarios I give throughout the course relate directly to teachers but the principles, strategies, and resources can be applied to any job seeker.

Let's make it happen!

Let's get you to where you want to be next!

What teachers are saying:

5 star rating

Positive, Personalized Feedback

Melisa Ferguson

Ali truly cares deeply about her course members and wants them to succeed. I am so impressed with the timely, detailed, and personalized feedback I get every...

Read More

Ali truly cares deeply about her course members and wants them to succeed. I am so impressed with the timely, detailed, and personalized feedback I get every time I reach out to her. Ali's support adds so much value to a course that is already worth every penny!

Read Less
5 star rating

Love, love, loved it!

Kristin Bridges

My coaching call with Ali was fantastic! She really took the time to listen to where I was in my journey, and what led me to want to transition out of teachi...

Read More

My coaching call with Ali was fantastic! She really took the time to listen to where I was in my journey, and what led me to want to transition out of teaching. The advice that she gave me was personal and I felt as though it fit me very well. She also gave me actionable steps and concrete resources to help me along... not just conceptual ideas for what I might do next. I'm REALLY looking forward to continuing to work with Ali!

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5 star rating

Fantastic coach and mentor! :)

Madeleine EPPLE

I have really enjoyed attending the Q&A sessions with Ali! It's neat seeing what others are working on and she provides constructive feedback. Additional...

Read More

I have really enjoyed attending the Q&A sessions with Ali! It's neat seeing what others are working on and she provides constructive feedback. Additional comments and questions are shared too-- which has made me feel reassured that I am not the only one figuring out what to do. She provides guidance when needed and also a boost of encouragement if you are feeling a bit doubtful about your abilities. Ali is an awesome mentor that takes the time to listen and provide you with valuable feedback that you can take action on. I love her energy and how she is always so positive about everything! I'm grateful to have taken this course to learn from her. :)

Read Less

Your next dream job

Let's discover your dream and get you there together.

"Worth every cent"

"I have applied for various positions outside of teaching for the past 2 years.... Once I started using the resume templates in the course, I started getting interviews so I highly recommend checking them out! They're worth every cent."

-Krista A., 

Former teacher

Let's open up your future opportunities

Go from feeling "stuck" and unsure to being clear, confident, and connected to the opportunities you want for your future.

So much value for such a low price

Over $2,700 worth of resources, instruction, guest speakers, community, and more!

  • Monthly career trainings and Hiring Hour for Teachers: Value = $200+
  • Weekly group career coaching calls and Q&A sessions: Value = $400+
  • Optional Personalized Support: Value = Priceless
  • Online course: Value = $1,500
  • Template Toolkit: Value = $100
  • Personal Packet Workbook: Value = $100
  • Made for you Ready to Roll Resume Templates: Value = $200+
  • Made for you Customizable Cover Letter: Value = $100+
  • Instruction from a Certified Professional Resume Writer and discounted access to her services: Value = $200+
  • Private community for course members-only: Value = $300+ 


BETA pricing for a **LIMITED TIME** = $47/month or less with the 12-month membership. 🎉 

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