You're a teacher who is ready for new opportunities but not sure what to do.

Let us show you by example!

Access ALL of the insights from so many former teachers in this recorded summit!

We've been where you are and we know how to get to where you want to be next.

Let us show you what your amazing educator skills look like in the world of work beyond the classroom.
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The truth is

Teaching can be a great springboard into other new jobs and roles.... but you have to know how to make it happen. Some of our presenters have worked at companies like...

Come see what you can do and how to make it happen!

The skills and experience you already have qualify you for so many job opportunities!

-Educational consulting -Training -Instructional Design -Working at a university as a curriculum designer -Working at an education company -Ed-tech -Freelancing -Email funnel creation -And so much more!

Are you a teacher who is...

  • Feeling burnt out?

  • Feeling like you're trying to navigate all of this alone?

  • Having an "idea" of what you "might" want to do next but not really sure?

  • Needing more work-life balance and flexibility?

  • Wanting to work beyond the walls of your classroom?

  • Not sure where to even start?!

  • Needing a change?

  • Feeling like your opportunities are limited to teaching?

  • Craving growth through new opportunities?

  • Wondering how you can do more of the work you're most passionate about?

We are here for you!

Come learn from former teachers who overcame all of that and successfully landed the rewarding work opportunities they now enjoy!

The truth is:

#1 Teachers have INCREDIBLE skills that companies WANT. #2 Teachers are oftentimes UNAWARE of the skills they have and how marketable they are. #3 Working beyond the classroom can be REWARDING and MEANINGFUL in so many ways!

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Your dream job

Where do you want to be in 6 months from now? Let's find out and get you there together.

It's not just about getting a "different" job. It's about getting your DREAM job.


  • What if I'm not ready to transition yet?

    The best time to plant a tree is years ago. Equipping yourself well in advance with the information and connections you'll gain through this summit can make all the difference whenever the "right time" is for you to transition.

  • Is this an effort to encourage teachers to resign? (We honestly next to never get this question, but we want to be VERY clear about this so we're including it.)

    Not in the least. We absolutely honor and respect the teaching profession. Our goal and mission is simply to support and help teachers who want or need more opportunities. We are happy to help this uniquely undersupported demographic of educators as best as we can.

  • How long can will I have access to this?

    You will be able to access all of the replays and on-demand resources for at least two years. Need longer? Just email us at and let us know!

This summit can save you from...

  • Not realizing your full potential

    You have skills, interests, and abilities that no one else has. You have gifts and talents that the world needs. Let's find the opportunities that align with your passions and hopes to create the future you want!

  • Limited Opportunities

    Who has more opportunities? The person who tries to do it all on their own or the one who uses the best resources out there? If you could just see the hundreds of opportunities and companies in the course. If you just knew the simple resume tweaks you'll learn about resumes. These things and more will open more doors for you!

  • Teaching "another" year

    Are you going to take another year to identify which skills you have that are marketable? How long will it then take to then identify companies, create an effective resume, and cover letter, and then learn how to network and interview effectively? Why not get it done in a week instead of a year through this course?

Access the replays, downloadable resources, contact info and more to learn from and connect with the best!

Over $1,000 worth of resources, instruction, guest speakers, replays of live panel discussions with former teachers, contact info of presenters, and more!

    • Educational Consulting: The Next Step 
    • Work Less, Make More: The Booming Freelance Industry. Perfect for Teachers looking for freedom, flexibility, and financial stability
    • How Teachers Become Instructional Designers 
    • How Teachers become  Trainers
    • What it's like to work at an ed-tech company
    • Remote work opportunities as a freelancer building funnels
    • How to get started as an entrepreneur or edupreneur for $0
    • Build your network
    • And soooo much more!

Get clarity and confidence for your personal career path.

Join us!

Get access to all of the presentations from former teachers and companies that hire teachers.

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