Want to work at an education company or corporate company but aren't sure where to start?

Get ready to open your future to a ton of exciting work opportunities! By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge, skills, resume, cover letter, connections and certification to work remotely, on-site, or hybrid for an edtech company or other corporation.

Maybe you have the same concerns a lot of transitioning teachers have.

  • You don't know how to help educators and students in a bigger way
  • You're unsure of how to get hired by an education company
  • You want opportunities, remote or on-site, beyond the walls of your classroom
  • You feel like your opportunities are limited to teaching
  • You wonder how you can land your next dream job without going back to school
  • You're unclear of exactly what all of these job titles actually mean
  • You're vaguely familiar with the role but not sure what the job would actually be like

The Truth Is

Every year, thousands of education companies hire former teachers. Customer Success is one of the most in-demand positions, where you help schools and teachers have a positive and "successful" experience with their educational tools and resources.

It’s normal to have ALL of these thoughts and feelings, but it’s time to know the facts.

  • Fact #1

    Teachers make incredible Customer Success Specialists because of the educator skills and background you already have.

  • Fact #2

    There are thousands of current openings in Customer Success and education companies want to fill them with people who understand the world of education.

  • Fact #3

    Teachers are experts at building rapport and relationships with diverse groups of people, which is incredibly needed in this role.

You can have a role where:

  • You’re treated with respect by management, colleagues, and customers

  • Your knowledge of school systems and their key players is valued and utilized - you are an expert

  • Work-life balance is actually encouraged and professional boundaries are in place

  • You are able to exponentially increase the number of lives you impact each school year (and yes, you can watch your salary go up too)

Enjoy purposeful work helping thousands of students and hundreds of teachers as a Customer Success Specialist.

Imagine landing a new position that allows you to use the expert skills you’ve cultivated in the classroom without worrying about behavior problems, grading, working waaaay over 40 hours a week, spending your own personal money on supplies, or wondering when you’ll be able to use the restroom!

Your work life really can be this great in Customer Success

And we'll teach you what you need to know and walk you through the steps to get the job you love!

Here's what you'll learn inside the course:

  • Step-by-step video instruction from former teachers who are now Customer Success experts to help you understand the role fully

  • Activities to help you gain and the skills you need to confidently work in this role

  • Done-for-you, optimized, and personally customizable resume template to help you successfully land this role

  • Pre-built and personally customizable cover letter template to help you communicate your skills and expertise as an educator in a way that appeals to hiring managers

  • LinkedIn instruction, templates, and examples to help you put your best foot forward and connect effectively with companies hiring for this role

  • Interview preparation resources so that you can approach the interview confidently and ace it

  • Salary insights to help you know what you can earn in this role and how to navigate the salary conversation when you are offered a position


  • Is this course limited to landing a job at an education company?

    Not at all. This course will help you land a job at an education company, a corporate company, or as a freelancer supporting education companies, corporate companies, or both. You’ll learn the information, gain the skills, and get the resources to land a job at an education or non-education company. Some scenarios and skill development activities in this course will simply be based on customer success scenarios from education companies. The skills that you will gain are relevant to customer success at any company.

  • What jobs will this course help me prepare for?

    While this course will familiarize you with many roles related to Customer Success, like training, implementation specialist, project manager, engagement manager, account manager, customer support, professional services consultant, support specialist and more, this course will especially help you land a role as a Customer Success Specialist or Customer Success Manager. Some companies who hire for these roles are Pearson, Newsela, Nearpod, Curriculum Associates, Canvas by Instructure, companies outside of EdTech like Spotify and Netflix, and many, many more.

  • Who are the instructors for this course?

    This course is taught by former teachers who have worked at a variety of education and corporate companies in Customer Success roles. Some of those companies include Canvas by Instructure, Formative, Curriculum Associates, Ellevation, Kuali, corporate healthcare companies, tech companies, and more. The main instructor for this course will be the incredible Shannon Resare.

  • Will I receive any kind of certification after completing this course?

    Yes, upon completing this course, you will receive a Customer Success Certificate that you can include on your resume, LinkedIn Profile, etc.

  • What if I have questions as I work through this course?

    As teachers, we know the importance of being able to access a “teacher” when needed. Along with having access to the course, all enrollees receive one month of access to our exclusive support area (the Teacher Transition Membership) where you can join our coaches and instructors us on live calls weekly as well as access our private Teacher Transition community and post your questions anytime. If you would like additional time in the membership for further support you have the option of continuing that.

  • Will this course help me to find a job as a Customer Success Specialist?

    Yep! This course will not only show you where and how to find Customer Success job opportunities, but it will also help you gain the skills you will use on the job and will teach you how to decipher and understand Customer Success job descriptions.

  • Will this course help me write a Customer Success focused resume and cover letter?

    Yes! This course provides resume and cover letter templates that are already written for you to make applying for Customer Success positions a breeze. All you have to do is tweak them to make them your own and tailor them to fit job descriptions

  • Will this course prepare me to interview for Customer Success positions?

    Absolutely! You’ll learn about the kinds of questions that are asked in interviews for this role as well as how to effectively answer and respond to those questions. You’ll also be provided with templates and training to help you with crafting your own responses as needed. You will hear from career experts and former teachers who have made the transition to Customer Success roles.

  • Is there a guarantee with this course?

    Your progress is guaranteed through this course. If you have not learned anything or gained any new skills or resources after completing the course, simply submit your completed coursework for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

And we've got the right people to help you learn.

Former teachers who are now expert professionals in Customer Success will teach, coach, and guide you so that you’re well-prepared for your new role helping schools and others succeed. Check out some of the many companies where these former teachers who will be teaching you have worked!
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Guaranteed Progress

Your progress is guaranteed through this course. If you have not learned anything or gained any new skills or resources after completing the course, simply submit your completed coursework for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

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